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Hands down the best selection of glass beads out there. Cannot believe how much the SinkZ beads have changed my Steelie production, just awesome!!

Gary Hodge...

Glass beads for steelhead fishing.Posted on February 19th, 2016

Many steelheaders have heard of and are using “steelhead-beads” that imitate single trout or salmon eggs once the fish enter tributaries. One thing they may not know is that you can get acrylic and also glass beads. While acrylic beads are usually “neutral buoyancy” they are excellent to use in slower-moving water, especially in the lower sections of tributaries where the water is wider and slower.

Glass beads sink and are ideal to use in faster water at any depth since they get down to where the fish are holding near the bottom very quickly and also flow a little slower in the current keeping the bead in the steelhead strike-zone longer. If you have not fished steelhead beads, they come in different sizes and colors to meet any water clarity or speed situation. The Creek Candy Bead Company has an excellent assortment of both types of beads!

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